Collection: Central Vacuums ( In house systems )


You deserve a healthier home. Central vacuum systems can clean with five times the power of traditional vacuum cleaners. Enjoy the convenience, extreme suction power, noise reduction, and improved air quality with a central vacuum system from Mike's Vacuum.


Central Vacuum systems are designed to allow you to easily move between rooms without having to use a heavy upright or canister vacuum. The specially designed tubing installed within the walls of your home connects to a central power unit located in your garage, utility room or basement. With the power unit located away from the living area, you simply plug your 35’ hose and power nozzle into various ports attached to the tubing. It’s easy and convenient. Central vacuum systems are also much quieter than portable vacuums.

Mike Vacuum offers the best new central vacuum systems, repairs, service for all of your central vacuum needs. Choose from accessories like crush proof hoses, nozzles for carpet and hard surfaces, dusting brushes, crevice tools, upholstery tools, and more. 

We offer a variety of central vacuum parts and supplies.

Central vacuum units, motors, power nozzles, attachments, bags, hoses, fittings, pipe and more